Be part of the largest network of automotive performance franchises in Latin America.

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Strike Brasil is for those who are passionate by the automotive world.

Markus Deimling
CEO Strike Brasil

What does Strike Brasil do?

We are the largest automotive and agricultural performance company in Latin America, with more than 40 franchisees.

Increase automotive performance

Boost power and torque for most vehicles with electronic fuel injection.

Troubleshooting related to electronic fuel injection

Solução de problemas relacionados à injeção eletrônica, DPF/EGR Delete e remoção de erros.

Productivity for agricultural machines

Increase productivity and fuel economy for agricultural machinery.

STK® Exclusive Products

Parts and accessories such as suspension kits, downpipe, exhaust diffusers, air filters, chiptuning & clothing items.

How did we get here?

Founded in Ponta Porã in 2011, Strike Brasil joined the franchise model in 2013. Today, has more than 40 franchisees units across Latin America.

The company’s main service in automotive performance is the reprogramming of ECU, which is carried out in cars, vans, trucks, agricultural machines, motorcycles and even in water vehicles.

Through the STK brand, Strike Brasil also sells more than 120 SKU official and exclusive products. Among them are suspension kits, power chips, exhaust diffusers and a complete line of clothing, including caps, t-shirts, watches and others. Products are sold in the company’s online store and in franchised units.

Since 2017, Strike Brasil annually raffles a personalized car for customers who perform services and buy the company’s products. The campaign, called Official Truck, is now in its fifth edition and is registered with Brazil’s Finance Ministry.

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Real success in the real world
What do franchisees say?

Watch real cases of people who trusted Strike Brasil to unite their passion to a stable business model and how it helped them to get where they are.

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A brand built to last forever.

All my expectations were exceeded. Strike Brasil is a company that has a very, very strong brand!

Henrique Trindade
Franchisee Primavera do Leste/MT – Brasil

A company unlike any other in the chiptunning field

We realized that it’s a company with big credibility and people who believe in the brand.

Marco & Mariana
Franchisee Videira/SC – Brasil

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Value and experience with other franchisees

In my point of view, no other company in the market can offer what Strike Brasil offers.

Sandro Cipriani
Franchisee Jundiaí/SP – Brasil

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Business models

Strike Brasil franchise models have been improved since 2013, and it’s well designed for expansion throughout Latin America.

Strike Brasil ® Autorizado
Strike Brasil ® Express
Strike Brasil ® Loja
A partir de R$ 80.000
A partir de R$ 120.000
A partir de R$ 140.000
Taxa de publicidade
R$ 850 mês + 1,5% sobre o faturamento
R$ 850 mês + 1,5% sobre o faturamento
R$ 850 mês + 1,5% sobre o faturamento
Taxa de franquia
a paritr de R$ 15.000
a paritr de R$ 15.000
a paritr de R$ 15.000
Retorno do investimento
a partir de 12 meses
a partir de 18 meses
a partir de 24 meses
Exclusividade na cidade e região
Loja física no padrão Strike Brasil
Loja física “acoplada” à uma loja já existente
Pode atuar em todas as áreas brancas do Brasil
Unidade móvel oficial
Mix completo de aparelhos que atendem 100% do portfólio Strike Brasil

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